Greenfoot Energy Consultants, a division of Greenfoot Energy Solutions Inc. was founded in 2021 by a team of energy advisors wanting to advance the energy efficiency sector in Atlantic Canada.
Having owned and operated an energy auditing company from 2008-2014 and administering over 30,000 energy assessments, they felt that it was time to get back in the industry and provide world class Home Energy Evaluations.
The biggest challenge the industry faces today is how the current reports provided within the industry can be confusing and "overwhelming".
With Greenfoot's new Efficiency Roadmap Report, we have made it extremely easy to follow and understand the step-by-step guide to making your home more energy efficient.
Providing UNBIASED energy efficiency advice is part of the company's core values and we take great pride in knowing that each Energy Advisor on the team represents this culture.

Today, Greenfoot has over 425 Team Members with locations throughout Atlantic Canada and plans to expand across Canada and the United States.


This friendly green Yeti is a symbol of our company’s commitment
to green initiatives. Reducing our carbon footprint is vital in the fight
against climate change and to ensure fresh clean air.
The Greenfoot Yeti has little to no carbon footprint. He lives a
sustainable lifestyle, eats local foods and recycles.
You too can become just like GreenFoot!

"Start small, think big and keep living
the Greenfoot Lifestyle"


Experienced team


Greenfoot Energy Consultants is licensed through Natural Ressources Canada to perform Energuide Home Energy Evaluations. Energy efficiency is our passion and our goal is to help Canadians reduce their energy consumption.

Experienced team


Greenfoot's team consists of seasoned energy advisors, Quality Assurance technicians, Service Organization Managers and customer service representatives. Our no non-sense approach to energy efficiency gives us the ability to offer our clients un-biased advice as to what their home or building needs. That is the Greenfoot experience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our goal is to make sure you are 100% fully satisfied with our quality of Home Energy Evaluations. We strive to create lifetime relationships with our clients and want you to enjoy your experience with Greenfoot every step of the way.